Our Philosophy is Simple...

We are passionate about creating great food with the finest natural ingredients & we only make the products we love to cook, share & eat!

Our range is designed to be use everyday and our products can ‘pimp’ up any dish, taking it to the next level of deliciousness. We keep our ingredients free from any preservatives or colours, making it like nature intended. Our keen interest is in dishes that are not only good for you, look great, take little time to prepare & with sharing with family and friends in mind. Most of our meals are laden platters in the middle of our table, and can be a ‘round the world’ excursion of flavours from the Middle East to delights from all over Asia.

In 2004 we started with 7 products, stirring the pot in a community hall kitchen, getting up early every weekend to go to markets and festivals to peddle our wares. Today, we have over 50 delicious edibles in our range & they are all our favourites (how could we pick just one!!) We are always experimenting, creating and talking about food, finding new influences & food passions. Life is about the journey and not the destination, and that certainly is the case for Wildings. Our passion for great ingredients & trusted favourites are at the heart of all that we create. We are fortunate to have an amazing team who are full of creativity are as passionate about food & flavour as the day we started. We believe in the philosophy of everything in moderation.. even the naughty things.

Founder - Anna Wilding

Anna grew up in the leafy suburbs of Melbourne, spending time with her Nanna, who loved to cook for the family. School holidays were filled with tins of freshly baked biscuits & chocolate cakes.  Many a Sunday was spent at Nanna’s with a roast dinner & watching Disney. Back in the 70’s, the family would head out to the local Chinese restaurant every Friday night, In the 80’s to one of the first Japanese restaurants in Camberwell and in the 90’s to some of the best fine dining restaurants in Melbourne. After many years in the catering and restaurant business, Anna has developed (& continues to develop) a range of products that could be enjoyed by all at home. When not thinking of food, Anna loves spending time by the sea, playing tennis & hanging out with her menagerie of animals, including 2 schnoodles – Pippi & Poppy, a tortoiseshell cat, Lucky & Pedro the freshwater turtle.