NEOFLAM Fika 26cm wok

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FIKA non-stick, lightweight, durable and toxin-free range presents comfort and convenience in daily life and the kitchen.

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Neoflam is a Korean brand that makes high quality, toxin-free cookware with beautiful and functional design.

FIKA, their most graceful collection, presents comfort and convenience in daily life and in the kitchen. The name for this collection was inspired by a Swedish term for “coffee break”.

These non-stick, scratch-resistant durable pans and woks are suitable for induction, electric, gas and radiant heat sources. They are convenient and easy to use thanks to their lightweight design and composition which also helps thermal efficiency.

Their trademarked natural coating offers high durability and non-stick performance.


Ecolon™ Natural Non-Stick Coating – The Healthy Choice for Non-stick Cookware is a ceramic-based coating, mostly made of silicon dioxide (also known as silica or SiO2), a material commonly found in natural elements such as stone and sand.

FDA and EEC certified and tested products

High-quality production, made from die-cast aluminium for long-lasting and high durability.
High heat conductivity means faster, effective energy saving, and helps to retain nutrition while cooking rapidly.
Advanced Neoflam silent induction technology.
Highly scratch resistant.
Compatible with the following cooktops – Gas, Electric, Ceramic and Induction.
Thick base & thin walls for even heat distribution.
Incredibly lightweight body.
Healthy negative ion Advanced technology allows the coating to emit 20 times more Anion than typical cookware.

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To clean use non-scratch scourers and warm soapy water

Neoflam pans are made from Natural Ecolon™ a non stick ceramic coating made of sand, stone and silica and 100% free from harmful chemicals – making Neoflam a healthy and safe alternative to the toxic PTFE (Teflon) non-stick coatings.

Being a non-stick cookware there is sometimes a comparison of Neoflam Ecolon™ non-stick coating to Teflon based cookware. This comparison can often leads to using cooking methods that are not suitable for our Ecolon™ ceramic coating and may result in food sticking to the pan.

1.    Cooking Temperatures

Neoflam Ecolon™ non-stick coating is durable, toxin-free, and can withstand any heat required while cooking.

Proper cooking temperatures prevent sticking. Preheat your pan to the desired temperature according to your recipe. Don’t be afraid to use high heat when needed.

Certain high protein foods, such as eggs, meat, and fish, require a well-heated pan to prevent sticking.

It’s important not to get confused by other brands of toxic PTFE (Teflon) non-stick cookware that require cooking only at low to medium heat to avoid the release of harmful toxins when overheated. However, with Neoflam Ecolon™ non-stick cookware, you don’t have to worry about this. It is completely free from toxins so you can cook at high heat without any concerns, when needed!

2.    Use a bit of cooking oil

The Ecolon™ non-stick coating is made of natural materials and requires a bit of oil every time you cook to create a natural barrier between the food and the pan.

Thanks to the Neoflam Ecolon™ natural surface, you can cut down on fat quantity without compromising the flavour.

3.    Right size pan

It is important to use the right size pan for the amount of food being cooked, otherwise this allows the heat to concentrate on the area of the pan not cooking the food eventually overheating and diminishing the effectiveness of the non-stick surface

4.    Don’t forget to give your pan a good clean after every use.

Using the soft cloth or a paper towel only smears the food residue around the surface making it appear clean whereas in fact imperceptible traces of food can be left behind if the pan is not cleaned properly.

Neoflam Ecolon™ Ceramic coating is a strong, durable material applied in a few layers for extra durability. Don’t be afraid to give your pans a clean removing any small traces of food that when remain on the pan and with repeated use, will burn into the pan and sticking will occur.

Do not use coarse scouring pads or harsh abrasives to clean cookware and do not gouge the non-stick-coating. Do not use oven cleaners to clean cookware, as these are not designed for this purpose and will ruin the cookware.

What oils can be used with Neoflam Cookware?

We don’t recommend a particular oil to use, however be mindful of the smoking point of the oil when cooking. Smoke point is the temperature to which oil can be heated before it smokes and discolours — indications of decomposition. At the smoke point, the oil begins to emit unpleasant odours and impart unsavoury flavours to your meal. This may burn your food and damage your pan non stick surface.

Don’t use spray on oils as these contain sugar and will create build up on the surface of your pan and eventually affect the non-stick surface.

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